I make works whose mechanisms bring about a shift in viewers' expectations. This shift leads to new ways of seeing, and ultimately new ways of thinking about even the simplest of everyday activities such as reading a book or staring at a stone. Each project is a departure from the previous one and though my work is often not self similar; absurdity, the quixotic, instantaneity, temporality and the childhood sense of wonder are characteristics that continue to flow through the body of my work. One reoccurring theme in my work is floating. I am interested in creating situations where the effect of gravity is not overly apparent. Challenging the laws of nature is a human-specific activity as is the suspension of disbelief. If the viewer can suspend their disbelief for a moment then I’ve succeeded in bringing them to a new place within their own minds. 

I aim to be constantly curious, and making work is an act of following my curiosities.  My works bridge genres of action, object, installation and performance.  While my artistic background is heavily rooted in the making of things, conceptually I am more interested in the permanence of thought than an archived object.  Some of my works exist in the physical for a short amount of time, and some for only any instant. I’m interested in temporality because it causes one to shape memories, ideas and critical thinking as a means to keep hold onto something that is no longer there.  The work lives in the mind, in the temporal lobe where memories are stored, language is disseminated and thinking has a direct connection to the body.